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Korean customers come to Taiwan to discuss Taiwan matters

On the 16th of June, 2016, in the hot summer day, South Korean customers came to Zhuzhou, China in awe of the heat, and talked about the cooperation with our company. Through the pre-order, the customers were very satisfied with our product quality and service. The purpose: to do a comprehensive understanding of the supplier to lay the foundation for long-term cooperation.

In this investigation, the customer spoke highly of our company and expressed the willingness to establish long-term cooperation with our company and look forward to the successful conclusion of the cooperation contract of 500 tons of ammonium chloride in the next month!

After inspecting our factory, our company dispatched a commissioner to accompany "South Korea's two handsome men" at a glance of Zhuzhou scenery and taste Hunan cuisine. Then came Zhangjiajie the next day to enjoy the unique scenery of nature. Two handsome guy not only handsome, very humorous, play and my company to accompany the staff to play very happy, has made us as the best friend



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