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The 46th World Earth Day

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April 22th 2015 is the 46th World Earth Day. The theme is “Appreciate earth resources, transform ways for development------improve the utilization efficiency of resources.” Jianghai Environmental has been doing efforts for the environmental career. As an environmental protection enterprise, Zhuzhou Jianghai Environmental always hope to undertake enterprise responsibility through actual activities, at the same time, develop economy. 
Data shows China belongs to the countries lack of water. Fresh water per capita of China is only 1/4 that of the world, ranking at 109th in the world. As it’s counted, above half of the 600 cities are lack of water at varying degrees. The coastal cities are not exclusive, even more serious. Due to recklessly discharge of industrial waste water, 80% of the surface water and underground water was polluted. 
Jianghai Environmental devotes itself to sustainable development, pushing on low-carbon environmental and sustainable development of business from many aspects. Besides its public activities such as “Green Planting Day”, “ No Car Day”, “Global Earth Day”, the mother company Zhuzhou Jianghai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd has reached zero discharge of waste water at its own factory of ammonium chloride and water treatment agents. Meanwhile, in Zhuzhou Jianghai Environmental S & T Co., Ltd, its subsidiary, new breakthrough has been made in the wastewater treatment of ammonium nitrogen with low concentration. That’s really goods news for factories with such headache environmental problems. 
Here are also ways for us to save the environment in everyday life:
1.Turn off appliances when you are not using them. 
2.Lower the thermostat by a few degrees in winter. 
3.Install ceiling fans instead of air conditioning units to keep rooms comfortable in warm weather. 
4.Use LED lamps instead of compound fluorescent light bulbs. 
5.Prefer showers over baths. 
6.Use soaps and detergents that contain no phosphates. 
7.Use recycled paper in your home office and printer. 
8.Let the car contribute less to the atmosphere by resting at home whenever possible.
9.Do not burn garbage as it causes air pollution. 
10.Plant native species and trees. 


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