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A Team Outing in Spring

Author:   Date:2015-4-29 10:22:16   Visits:
On April 25th, 2015, Zhuzhou Jianghai Environmental organized a team outing in Xianyuling scenic spot. In Xianyuling we enjoyed nice natural scenery, delicious farm-house dishes very much. 
Enjoy yummy farm-flavored dishes
Chess, walk, fresh air
In the scenery spot, we experienced low-carbon environmental life, hugging with the nature, walking under the green trees, enjoying fragrance of wild flowers and grass, warm sunshine & little breeze.  Relaxing and comfortable! 
Eating, talking, fishing, playing chess, walking, theme of that day. Furthermore, we got to know “new” each other outside the office, outside ammonium chloride, outside water treatment. Bingo!



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