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Ammonium Chloride being widely used in husbandry as superior NPN feedstuff

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With the development of China’s animal husbandry, ammonium chloride, as a superior NPN(non-protein nitrogen) feedstuff, is widely used. 
Ammonium chloride feed grade, served by Zhuzhou Jianghai Environmental, taking superior industrial ammonium chloride as raw material, is refined through eliminating sulphur ions, heavy metal ions & adding appropriate amount of nutrient elements. 
Ammonium Chloride is an effective way to supplement protein, especially in the situation that the soybean meal(SBM) with vegetable protein are expensive and of short supply. 
                                                                     soybean meal
NPN refers to all chemical compound containing nitrogen, except true protein(polypeptide). NPN couldn’t offer energy to animals. It offers nitrogen resource to germs in rumen. Through a series of biochemical reactions, germs in rumen transform NPN into germs protein. The germs protein could be digested and absorbed, saving feedingstuff protein.   


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