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Notice on Exporting Ammonium Chloride to Bengal

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Zhuzhou Jianghai Environmental Proteciton Co., Ltd, a professional enterprise specialized in R&D, & manufacturing of high purity ammonium chloride. Our ammonium chloride have been exported to more than 60 countries and areas such as South Asia, West Asia, Eastern Asia, US, Europe etc. When exporting to different countries, it’s important to pay attention to every importing countries’ polices and local customs. Here are some points for exporters to notice when exporting products, for example, ammonium chloride, to Bengal. 
1.Negotiating notice: Bengal government request all the import should be based on L/C as well as CNF, most of the products should have third-party inspection, such as SGS or BV. 
2.Differences in working days and working hours: Most of the Bengal companies work from Sunday to Thursday; Their lunch hour begins from 1:15pm or 1:30pm. 
3. Being Muslims, people in Bengal don’t eat pork or lard. Muslims have nothing to do with Christmas Day!


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