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Jianghai help Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute

It is well known that Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research Institute is the largest integrated research and development institution in China's non-ferrous metals industry. It has set the national priorities of "two bombs and one satellite", "Shenzhou spacecraft", "manned space flight" and "lunar exploration project" Engineering and non-ferrous metal industries provide a large number of new materials, new technologies, new processes and new equipment. Its rare earth metal purification and application is also the country's special cow ears.

​Nonferrous Metal Research Institute had contacted us who asked us to provide high purity ammonium chloride for use in the study of rare earth metal high purity crystals. This ammonium chloride demanding, a number of indicators have reached the company's current capacity limit, and the ultimate goal is to control the total metal ion ppm level, more difficult. Due to a number of indicators, the company has not involved before, the company's research and development capabilities also put forward higher requirements.


After groping, learning and overcoming difficulties, Jianghai high-purity ammonium chloride successfully delivered a contribution to the R & D of rare earth metals in our country.


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