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Ammonium Chloride has been Classified as Food Additive

Preservatives: Carbonated drinks, puree, jam, sugar-stained fruit, candied fruit, pickles, soy sauce, vinegar, juice drinks, meat, fish, eggs, poultry foods, etc.Common use: benzoic acid, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate and so on. 

Coloring agent: It mainly used for carbonated drinks, juice drinks, confectionery, pastry, candy, Hawthorn products, pickled dishes, ice cream, jelly, chocolate, cream, instant coffee and so on. Often used: amaranth, carmine, lemon yellow, sunset yellow, caramel pigment and other synthetic pigments. Some natural food pigments, such as sodium copper chlorophyll ,are mainly extracted from plant tissues, but their pigment content and stability are generally not as stable as synthetic pigments, and there are also natural pigment equivalents. 

Sweetener: An additive that endows food with a sweet taste. Commonly used: saccharin sodium (that is, commonly known as saccharin, cyclohexyl amino sulfonate sodium (cyclamate, maltyl alcohol, sorbitol, xylitol, etc. There are plenty of foods with sweeteners, like drinks、 pickles、 cakes、 biscuits、bread、 ice cream、 candies、seasonings、 canned meat and almost everyday foods with different kinds of sweeteners.

Spices: Candy and chocolate generally have essential oil, essence, powder spices extract several types. Each type also has numerous varieties, such as candy and chocolate, according to the aroma can be divided into fruity, kernel, milky, flower, wine and other different varieties. 

Swelling agent: some confectionery and chocolate products, as well as some fried products, expanded food, fermented noodles, etc. Commonly used : sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, compound expansion agent and so on. 

Acidity regulator: It has the function of improving food quality and is widely used in all kinds of foods. A considerable number of confectionery and chocolate products use acids to regulate and improve aroma effects, especially fruit-based products. Commonly used are: citric acid, tartaric acid, lactic acid, malic acid. 

Antioxidants: An inhibitor of oxidase activity by placing hydrogen atoms in the deoxidised molecules of food's oxidizing constituents to prevent oxidative chain reactions or form complexes with them. Thus it's a kind of food additive to prevent and delay the food surface by the oxidation spoilage.

Thickener: A kind of hydrophilic macromolecule compound with stable, emulsifying or suspending state, which can form gel or increase food viscosity, so it is also called gelling agent, gelling agent or emulsifying stabilizer.       Emulsifier: A surfactant whose molecules usually have hydrophilic (hydroxyl) and oleophile (alkyl) groups, which easily form an adsorption layer at the interface between water and oil, thereby changing the surface activity between phases in the emulsion. It can improve the organization, taste and appearance of food. 

Bulking agent: A kind of food additive which is made of food powder as the main raw material in processing (heating process) because of the production of gas to make the microstructure into a uniform and dense porous structure state and make food loose and brittle.

Tissue modifier: A food additive that improves the appearance or touch of food by holding water, bonding, plasticizing, thickening, and improving rheological properties. 

Flour improver: A class of additives for improving flour quality, which can increase the yield, whiteness and strength of flour.

Defoamer: In the process of food processing, the ability to eliminate and suppress liquid bubble, so that the operation can proceed smoothly. 

Anti-caking: To prevent becoming powdery or crystalline food from aggregating and caking. 

Coloring agent: A class of food additives that promote people's appetite and increase the value of food .


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