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       Hunan Jianghai environmental protection industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in the production of high-purity ammonium chloride series products, water treatment agent, non-corrosive electrolyte, zinc oxide series products.Providing all-round technical guidance and services, the company has gathered a group of experienced technical personnel, the company integration of inherent technology, talent advantages, focusing on high-purity ammonium chloride, water treatment agents, non-corrosive electrolytes and other projects for long-term in-depth research and development of products.

       Has been focusing on product quality improvement, has a strong r & D team.The r & D center of the company is led by senior experts in the industry, with senior scientific researchers returned from overseas study as the main force and young capable technical personnel as the backup, forming a team of project and product engineers to guide product r & D;At the same time, the company extensively cooperates with domestic and foreign counterparts, jointly committed to creating the domestic high purity, super pure grade ammonium chloride technical level.

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