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Distinguish the Ammonium Chloride Dry and Wet

The dry and wet ammonium contain the same substance ammonium chloride crystals. Because of their different manufacturing methods, they are divided into dry ammonia and wet ammonium.


Dry granulation of powdery ammonium chloride:

According to the national standard of ammonium chloride, the moisture of ammonium chloride should be below 1.0% after drying, and anti-caking agent should be added. The granulated ammonium chloride after granulation with dry ammonium can meet the requirements of GB2946-92 standard. We have developed a thousand process granulation product according to its own product characteristics, and the granulation product is fed into the roller machine.


Process flow: the finished powder ammonium chloride is sent into the feed belt by the bucket elevator, and the material flow sub is evenly divided into the granulation machine through the belt discharger. The powder is extruded by the roller, the mill is crushed by the grinder and the sieve separator is sieved. The finished granular ammonium chloride is sent into the silo by the belt through the finished bucket elevator, and the powder after the screening is rereturned. The raw material hopper is mixed with the raw material and then granulated.


The granulation strength and granulation rate are affected by temperature, moisture and anti-caking agent of powdered ammonium chloride. Therefore, the drying temperature of powdered ammonium chloride should be stored from 60-80 ℃ to 30-40 ℃ during the production process. At the same time, the equipment of spraying water should be added to the powder ammonium chloride before extruding into the roller. Otherwise, there will be low granulation strength, more powder. According to the change of seasonal temperature, caking will appear in powder ammonium chloride storage, which will block the feeding port and increase the production cost, and the granulation rate of the process is low, and the powder is more.


Wet ammonium chloride granulation:

In this method, wet ammonium chloride is directly granulated. The crystallizer takes out the crystal slurry after thickening through the thicker, adopts the HR-500N two-stage centrifuge, the moisture of the wet ammonium is less than 5. The advantages of the wet ammonium extrusion granulation compared with the former two methods are as follows: 

1) saving drying process, mixer,  blender and energy.  2) simplify the process and save investment. 3) high molding rate and less powder.


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