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Customer Audit Teams to Conduct Product Control Work

Recently, our company has welcomed a number of large group customer audit teams to conduct a new round of product control audits for 2019.

The responsible person of the relevant department of our company accompanied the audit representatives to visit the entire factory, including the production workshop, processing workshop, product inspection area and warehouse of the factory.

After visiting the factory, the audit representatives said at the meeting between the two parties: Compared with the old factory, the new production base has been greatly improved overall, the production strength has improved qualitatively, and some small details in the production process are also pointed out. There is room for further improvement in the future.

Customer advice is the source of our progress, and customer satisfaction is the only criterion for testing our work! The representatives of our company humbly accepted the opinions of the customers. On the spot,  the recommendations made by the client were implemented to the responsibility. You come to the factory next time, you will get a better answer!

Hunan Jianghai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. is willing to work with major enterprises to build a production base benchmark for high purity ammonium chloride . Welcome customers to come to guide the work. We will continue to strive to provide better service to domestic and foreign customers.

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