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Application of Jianghai ammonium chloride in precious metal

 High purity ammonium chloride is the main product of Hunan Jianghai . It has a series of advantages such as high purity, minimal organic impurities, extremely low water  insoluble matter and regular crystal shape. Become the first brand of domestic large-scale  precious metal refining enterprises, and  is widely used in the purification and production of rare metals. At the same time, in order to support the research and development of rare metal purification technology, as a professional manufacturer of ammonium chloride in China, Hunan Jianghai also provides high-purity ammonium chloride samples for many domestic scientific research institutions, and maintains good cooperation and communication with many non-ferrous metal research institutes. 

There are two main applications of ammonium chloride in metal smelting industry. One is ordinary industrial grade ammonium chloride used for the leaching of non-ferrous metals such as vanadium and nickel, and the other is high-purity ammonium chloride mainly used for the extraction of platinum group rare metals.
Platinum group metals are also known as platinum group elements, including ruthenium (Ru), rhodium (Rh), palladium (Pd), osmium (Os), iridium (Ir), platinum (Pt) six metal elements, in the periodic table It belongs to the 5th and 6th cycle. Platinum group metals are known for their particularly valuable properties and rare resources. Because of their unique and superior physical and chemical properties, they are important in modern industry and new technology industries and cannot be replaced by other metals or materials for special applications, so they are known as "modern industrial vitamins" and "the first high-tech metal".


Dr. Dong Haigang from the State Key Laboratory of New Technologies for Comprehensive Utilization of Rare and Precious Metals proposed the following process:
Using solid palladium chloride as raw material, after dissolving, the obtained palladium solution was purified by hydrogen peroxide oxidation-addition of excess 10%~15% ammonium chloride precipitation-ammonia water combination and impurity removal process, and then reduced by hydrazine hydrate. High-purity palladium with a purity greater than 99.999% is prepared, and the total content of gas impurity elements such as carbon, oxygen, and nitrogen is less than 355×10-6, which meets the requirements of high-purity palladium for electronics industry.
Mr. Du Jishan successfully purified 99.95% iridium from Zn-IR alloy by high purity ammonium chloride precipitation method. 

above all : The ammonium chloride precipitation method is the most commonly used and classic method for the refining and separation of platinum group metals. It has been continuously improved and developed in the efforts of scientific researchers and maintained its vigorous vitality.

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