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Hunan Jianghai Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd

Hunan Jianghai Environmental Protection Co.,Ltd.is specializing in high purity special ammonium chloride manufacture for 19 years.

Our high purity ammonium chloride mainly includes : ammonium chloride industrial grade, the analysis of ammonium chloride, ammonium chloride feed grade, ammonium chloride food grade , ammonium chloride pharma grade,ammonium chloride battery grade and refined type of ammonium chloride. We have get the food hygiene license, Kosher certification and a series of quality certification, also we pass through SGS third party, and other multiple inspection by provincial and municipal inspection organizations. 

The choice of Jianghai , the choice of trustworthiness, the choice of prime product, and choice of kind service.






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Hunan Jianghai Environmental Protection co.Ltd

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